Saturday, September 19, 2009

Tamara and Mark 9-13-09

Sunday evening was a reception for Tamara and Mark. I don't think I saw her without a big smile on her face the entire evening! What a wonderful couple! So happy to be with each other.

They chose to use orange and a soft green as their colors, September influence!
The bridesmaids had separates with tops that they chose. With everyone wearing the same color, it was very pretty, and each bridesmaid felt comfortable in the style she chose.

Tamara's gown had a very "vintage" look. Beautiful lace on both the gown and the veil.

The couple that took the honors for "longest married" in the anniversary dance had been married for 61 years! Wow! And they were so cute dancing. You would have thought they were still newlyweds! Maybe that's their secret!

The Hora involved the usual "bride and groom on chairs" thing. I must admit, my heart stops when they do this. I'm always ready to run for the phone to dial 911! I haven't seen them drop anyone--yet--but boy! it is SO scary! I can't imagine what it feels like for THEM!!

Congrats Mark and Tamara!

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