Saturday, February 27, 2010


First, we need your opinions: How long should we leave the white Italian lights on the trees around the chapel? Do they look too "Christmasy"? Are folks going to think we just forgot to take them down? What's your feelings about this? Comment here, or email me, either is fine.

Second, a local wedding magazine is doing a feature article with an Asian theme, and they need an attractive Asian gal to model a Kimono for their photos. Does anyone have any suggestions, volunteers, ideas?

Third, if you are a current client at Aberdeen and haven't responded for the Taste of Aberdeen party on March 14th, please do so as soon as possible!
If you haven't received your invitation, don't be shy--give us a call! We use the address that we have on your contract, so if you have moved, or it has your parents' address etc. you might not have received it. We want you to attend, so let us know if you have a wedding coming up and you didn't get an invitation!

Oh, and speaking of invitations, this is a great time of year to come by the shop and get your invitations ordered! While you are snowbound you can get them all addressed and stamped and ready to go! We have tons of options, and keep in mind that if you do your tuxes and invitations at Affairs you receive a free gown preservation! (Along with all the other perks)
I am excited about our upcoming Taste and really looking forward to seeing all of you there!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Nathan and Ashlee--12-31-2009 (by Megan)

Nathan and Ashlee had a beautiful New Year's Eve wedding. Since it was New Year's Eve, they had the ceremony a little later in the evening at six o'clock. The reception followed from 7pm till 1am. Everyone had a marvelous time. They had a countdown to midnight followed by Auld Lang Syne and then American Pie.
We have had weddings on New Year's Eve just about every year since we opened. We've found that folks really enjoy having a big party to go to that isn't the typical New Year's Eve party. It's fun to "party with a purpose". It's always fun for us too!

What a darling groom's cake. Groom's cakes used to be a southern tradition, but they seem to be growing in popularity. What a cute idea to have a little tuxedo cake!
New Year's Eve is really the perfect day for a wedding. Congratulations Ashlee and Nathan!