Saturday, May 28, 2011

Mike and Danielle--5-7-11 The French Connection

 I just love these two!  They put so much thought and attention into all the little touches that make a wedding personal and special.  They were engaged in Paris, so of course, they used that as a kick off point for a wedding that had touches of France all over. 
Mike and his mother danced to a rock and roll song and really cut the rug!  Mike said he knew he would be all weepy if they did a slow dance, so they used a song from Pulp Fiction and really busted a move!
 Mike and Danielle did the choreographed dance that is offered by Transaudio, their DJ, and the crowd loved it.
 Cupcakes with a small layer for them to cut at the top were served instead of traditional wedding cake.  Cream filled cupcakes by Chesterton Cake Shoppe were a huge hit.
Cute cute cute!!!!

Each table number had a French statement related to love with the translation. Their centerpieces were wine bottles that were cut to go over candles in a holder, tres chic!

We had great fun setting up the favor table for them!  We used some glass shelving to set out the Orangina on several levels, and give the table some dimension.  Mike spent hours wiring a little Eiffel Tower with twinkle lights.  They also had yummy little shortbread cookies with the Eiffel Tower pressed into them that were dipped in chocolate (oh hurt me!) These were in little glacine envelopes in a basket for guests to help themselves.  So cute. 

So you ask, "How did they get so many people out there for the garter and bouquet? 

It was a terrific idea!  They put a lottery ticket with the garter and also with the bouquet, and invited ALL the ladies, married or single, and then ALL the men, married or single, out to try to catch it.  Nothing like the hope of a winning ticket to get everyone out on the floor!!  It was very clever, and Mike and Danielle figured there wouldn't be many "singles" at their wedding reception, so this was a great way to get folks out there.
All in all it was a wonderful wedding for a terrific couple!  We had so much fun planning it with them!
Congrats Danielle and Mike!  Nos meilleurs voeux à vous!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Jen and Chris 5-14-11

Wow!  What a magical wedding!  The guests were absolutely blown away when they walked in!
It was fun to do a "cool" color this time, the soft baby blue looked amazing!
Gorgeous florals by Kristina Lynn--
Jen and Chris used the "crystal curtains ceiling" and also the "crystal curtains backdrop" behind the head table.  What's really cool about these is that when you get the room full of people, the air moves ever so slightly which makes the crystals move, and they "twinkle"!  It's really beautiful! 
Martini anyone?  Their martini luge was a huge hit.  The drink (which was baby blue of course, to match the color theme of the wedding!) was poured into the top, and it runs through the ice block which cools it down, then it pours out into the glass below.  Very cool--no pun intended!

An amazing cake by Linda Monroe--we love her cakes! 

DJ Steve Zana kept the crowd dancing all evening. 
Chris and Jen will have wonderful memories of their evening here at Aberdeen Manor, thanks to photographers Leroy and Jane Clemons and a video by VU Productions. Both are wonderful to work with and we really enjoy having them here with us.  It makes everything go so smoothly.
Great wedding you two!  Congratulations and all our best wishes!  

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

An Interesting Story!

I was going through my email this morning, and came to the following:

"My name is Jason and I found a camera yesterday on a Southwest flight from Phoenix to San Jose. The camera looks like it belongs to a white, gay male couple who attended the wedding. Can you please provide Bo & Erin my email so we can identify who the camera belongs to and how to get it to them?"

So of course, I forwarded the email to Erin so that she might be able to get the camera back to the rightful owner.  It was driving me crazy, though, to know how someone on a flight from Phoenix to San Jose would end up with this camera, and better yet, how did he figure out that it was Bo and Erin's wedding on April 2nd that was on the camera?

Well, being the nosey person that I am, I wrote him back and asked him!  Here is what he said:

"I went through the pictures to try and find out who it belonged to. The only identifying thing I could find was the projected hologram on the wall at the wedding reception with the data "Bo & Erin April 2, 2011". So I did a Google search with Bo & Erin and found your blog site with their Pretty in Pink wedding pics. It looked like a match."

So I guess the moral of the story is, make sure you use a gobo with your names and the date so that if anyone loses their camera, the finder can contact you!  How awesome is that?  SO nice of Jason to make the effort to hunt down the bride and groom to try to return the camera!  But equally awesome is the power of the Google search!  Wow! 

Seriously, I am going to take a photo of my name and cell phone number, and I'm going to just leave it on my camera when I download the pictures.  That way if I ever lose it, someone could look through the photos and maybe be as kind as Jason was and return it to me.  In retrospect, I wish I had done this on the camera that was stolen from me in London last summer.  I might have gotten my 746 EDITED pictures of our trip back!  It would have been a long shot, but at least I would have had a chance of getting it back.  As it was, there was nothing in those pictures that would have given anyone a clue of how to contact me.  Jason would not have been able to find the owners of this camera without the gobo on the wall.
I am just amazed.