Thursday, July 1, 2010

To Letterpress or not to Letterpress!

So I am looking for some opinions. I love letterpress invitations, but they are a little more expensive than thermography. I'm not sure if anyone knows what they are in this area...

I found a neat company that does letterpress that aren't horrendously expensive, like most. If you have a minute, check out their website, which has pictures of all of the invitations they offer, and let me know whether you think this would be a good addition to our invitations library or not. The pricing is all on their website as well, so you can also let me know if you think they are gorgeous but just too expensive. Keep in mind that the pricing is for the invitation and envelope as well as the response and envelope--it's for the set rather than just the invitation.
Whatever your opinion is, I am interested! The website is
Feel free to comment, or send me your opinion privately to whichever you are more comfortable with.
Looking forward to hearing from all of you!