Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Isabel and Sean 9-6-09

Sunday afternoon, following the ceremony for Candi and Jeff, we quickly cleaned up and turned things over in the chapel. When Isabel and Sean arrived with their families we were ready and waiting for them. The ballroom was looking grand as well. Isabel, and Sean's mother, Kathy, chose sparkle organza overcloths in mint green and lavender for the tables. The colors were very subtle and soft. The hydrangeas in the arrangements coordinated beautifully with them.

The florals were a combination of lows and highs. The high arrangements were very interesting, with LED downlights under the arrangements that shone down into the glass vase below. As the evening went on, and the lights were turned down for the dancing, they really looked lovely.

They began their afternoon by doing their photos together in the garden so that they would have more time to relax and enjoy the time following their ceremony, and their cocktail hour. They were finished with the photos and ready to go for the ceremony with plenty of time left over.
We did have a few brief sprinkles immediately after the ceremony so it was a good thing they were able to do their pictures in the garden beforehand!
Rather than having placecards, they chose to use a scroll with each guest listed and their table assignment. It's a very pretty alternative to placecards and comes with a very helpful computer program for organizing your guests and tables. Using the scroll also gave them lots of room on the table for their photo mat that their guests filled with signatures and good wishes.

Following the cocktail hour and hors d'oeuvres, with an excellent guitarist, everyone enjoyed a delicious dinner of prime rib and pecan crusted chicken. There is just nothing that smells more enticing than roasting prime rib and baking yeast rolls in our kitchen! It makes me hungry just thinking about it.
Transaudio's Mike was, again, at the mike, for both the ceremony and the reception. He is such a pleasure to work with! Isabel and Sean took advantage of the free dance lesson that Transaudio includes with their service. The crowd went crazy when Sean spun her around and twirled her across the dancefloor!

The dip at the end had everyone cheering and clapping!

Hopefully the photographer got the FRONT view of the dip! :)
You never would have known it was a Sunday night by the way this group partied! Their guests all had a terrific time, and the dance floor was full to the very end.
Wonderful party Isabel and Sean! When the bride and groom dance, so does everyone else! We see it week after week. You two had a lot of fun dancing and partying, and so did your guests.
So that, in three installments, was our weekend at Aberdeen. Three really great couples, and a lot of good times had by all.
By the way, did you know that September is the second most popular month for weddings? June is #1 of course. September and October have statistically the lowest chance of rain (hah! tell that to Katie and Tom last year who had 10 inches of rain on their wedding day 9/14! Floods and the whole nine yards!!!!) Temperatures are usually a little more moderate in September and October too.
We have lots of weddings coming up here in the next few weeks, so I will try to keep up and let you all know what we are doing and post photos.

And just so you know, my posting is governed mainly by my energy level! If I don't post about a wedding, it isn't any reflection on the couple that had the wedding. We have so many wonderful couples, and I strive to come up with new adjectives and ways of describing them and their beautiful weddings. I don't want anyone to have hurt feelings if I don't mention something about their wedding, or write more about one than another. That's what is really hard about having this blog. Just know that it's my amount of energy on Monday and how busy things are, that determines how much gets posted.
As always, I enjoy your comments and welcome any questions you might have. Hopefully my blog will help you with ideas that you can take and work around to fit your day. let me know if I can help!

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Anonymous said...

Don't you ever sleep? What a wonderful overview of Sean and Isabel's wedding. It was such a pleasure working with you. You and your staff made the day most memorable for the bride & groom as well as for family and friends. I have spoken so highly about you and your husband and how you both went out of your way to help us with the perfect wedding.
Thank you
Kathy & Bob Carlson