Saturday, September 12, 2009

Showers and Thank yous

Today I am going to bring up a controversial topic. Thank you envelopes at showers.
At some showers, the hostess passes out the envelopes for the thank you notes to the guests, and then the guests are asked to address the envelopes to themselves, so that the honoree of the shower will write the thank you, put it in the already addressed envelope and mail it.
I've been at some showers where guests just kind of expected this, and at other showers where some of the guests were offended by it. There was even a guest at one shower who refused to do it.
I think that the theory for doing this is that the busy bride or new mom doesn't have the time to fill out the address for the envelope, so we need to help her out by addressing it for her.

I am tempted to weigh in on this now, but I would rather hear what everyone who reads this blog thinks about it first!

So let's hear it!
Where do you stand on this practice?
If you gave a shower for someone, is this something you would include?
Why or why not?
Any alternative ideas?

I will post my opinion about it next week. First I want to hear what everyone else thinks!


Amy said...

If the hostess is that protective of the new mom's or bride's time, she could always buy the thank you notes for the bride and address two sets of envelopes when she sends out the shower invitations, and then give the second set to the honoree as part of her gift. It might be best to do so privately after the shower. Then none of the Emily-Post-Channeling guests get upset, but the honoree is still spared the task of addressing the envelopes herself.

But I'm terrible at thank you notes, so what do I know!?

Anonymous said...

ok so I am not one to blog but when this happens at showers it really gets me. first of all, you have all the addresses somewhere or your maid of honor or person throwing the shower for you has them because you had to send out invites to the shower, right? if you don't have them, you should get them. second, people are there to celebrate with you, not do work for you. and third and finally, people are spending $25+ on a shower gift and you can't write their address? this will take all of 5 extra seconds on your thank you notes. If you don't want to write addresses, then don't invite so many people to your shower. I also agree with the first blogger, if you are worried about the time the bride or mom-to-be has, then her closest friends could help her and address the envelopes ... not your guests!

Anonymous said...

My shower is in a few days, there were only three things I wanted at the shower, my great grandma's sugar cookies, cupcakes instead of a cake and for my guest NOT to write their own addresses on the envelopes!!!! I took a day to write my return address and address of all the guest invited on the envelopes so they are ready to go after the shower. It is a busy time for the bride or mother to be, but normally you have several months to plan for these events where you could do this early on and be one step ahead of the game. Your guest have taken time to shop for your gift and come to the shower the least I can do is hand write the addresses on the envelopes and get their thank you card to them in a timely manner.

strwberrryjoy said...

Geez. People even THINK about this. Wow...I guess I would've never given it a thought either way. The showers I've been to they usually say they are going to do a drawing, please write your name and addy down (everyone knows what it's for) and IF THEY WANT To be in the drawing, they can participate...