Sunday, September 27, 2009

Affairs Updates--to Market to Market!!!

Friday was a sad day at Affairs and Aberdeen Manor. It was our wonderful Michelle's final day with us. Sigh. Michelle has been attending classes on Saturday since January to go into teaching and she starts the "student teaching" portion in a week or two. I guess this is the heavens getting their just due, since Megan left teaching last May to come work with us full time, now I am having to give Michelle to teaching as penance! Michelle is one of those people who will be good at whatever she chooses to do. She's organized and intelligent, caring and tactful. I knew the day I met her six years ago that she would be awesome at Aberdeen and I have never been disappointed. So while I wish her all the best with her new career, I'm still feeling very sorry for myself. I'll try not to be cranky! Haha.

In happier news, we have pretty much finished converting the shop over to a point of sale system. Everyone is excited about being able to use the scanning gun! Zap! and we are done! No more written out receipts, or laborious searching for prices when the tags fall off! It's wonderful! Michelle, Megan and Amanda have really done a terrific job getting this system set up and working. Now if I can just figure out all the little tricks with it! I spent 20 minutes trying to figure out how to open the cash drawer the other day to give someone change for a $20! Gees! Turns out it wasn't that tough, but knowing where to look is the kicker!!!

This coming weekend is the National Bridal Market in Chicago! Megan and I are very excited about it! This is the wholesale market where we go to find all the new and fun items for the shop. There are companies from all over the world, with all the latest in everything weddings. I have a file in my desk with all the little notes I have made for things we need to look for, and items that some of our clients have requested (I WILL find those pearl necklaces Alyssa!!!!!) Megan and I will be in Chicago on Sunday and Monday searching out all the latest and greatest. If anyone has any special requests, let me know this week so that I can add them to the list. I always enjoy seeing what the gown styles are, getting some idea of where the trends are headed. Usually by the time I come home my head feels like it has been stuffed full of tulle and my feet are screaming from all the walking, but it's an amazing show and I always look forward to it with great anticipation. It will be particularly fun this time to introduce Megan to all my contacts as my business partner! She has gone with me a number of times over the years (it's hard to believe that this is my 14th year of attending the Market!) this is our first "joint venture" though. It's wonderful to have her perspective on "what brides like". Being a newlywed herself, she has a fresh perspective on things that will be a big help. She also is my conscience when it comes to space considerations and cost considerations! :) We make a great team.
So let me know if you are in search of any particular wedding items! We'll add them to our list! Watch for the Market Report next week!

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