Monday, August 31, 2009

What a great weekend!

This was just one of those wonderful weekends when we all really enjoy working!

We had a baby shower on Saturday for Katie, one of my all time favorite brides. Katie was married last year on that horrendous Sunday in September when we had about 14 feet of rain, and there was flooding everywhere. She and her husband had planned such a lovely wedding and reception, and a number of their guests just couldn't get there because of the closed roads and flooding. Katie was a trooper though, and those who did make it for the reception had a fabulous time. They had "coffee guy" (as we lovingly refer to him) come and serve specialty coffee drinks after dinner, it was like having Starbuck's come to your reception! Really fun!

But I digress!

So Katie and Tom are having a baby boy, who will have a chocolate and light blue nursery, so of course, that was the theme for the shower. And, by the way, the sun was shining all afternoon. :)

I really wanted to get some pictures, but with Amanda and I having to man the shop all afternoon, there was just not time. We were swamped!
I love doing the baby showers for "our gals"! That's one of the reasons we offer discounts for baby showers for "alumni", we love having them come back!

They had a lovely lunch with chicken salad (our special homemade secret recipe!) a three berry muffin, and black bean and corn salad. Yum! After the lunch was served Katie sat in the rocker that my grandfather made and opened her gifts. So many beautiful gifts and pretty things for the new baby!
Following Katie's shower, the Aberdeen Team jumped into action to reset the room for the wedding Saturday evening. The wedding party arrived and did photos in the garden, and because we had the tables all set and ready to go, it was a quick turnaround.

The ballroom looked stunning! Vanessa and her mom had spent a lot of time with us planning all the colors, flowers, decorations and such. Her colors were black, ivory, and red. The Flower Cart did an amazing job, as usual, with their flowers.

Our black bichon tablecloths looked amazing. I love those table linens. We have so many colors now, and all of them look so beautiful.

And Linda's cake! It was incredible! I've seen a lot of wedding cakes over the years, but this one was outstanding!

The crystal trim on each layer was SO pretty. They also had their initials on both sides of the cake which looked so classy.

Here are a couple shots of the horse and carriage that took Vanessa and Aaron for a spin around Aberdeen after they had greeted all their guests:

That's Bob, the horse, looking all cute with his little feather hat on for the wedding. Buggies and Things does a great job. Bob is very gentle and calm, the perfect horse for doing a wedding. Dick Stephens, the owner of Buggies and Things, calls him a "deadhead", which seems a bit condescending for a horse who does such a fine job! :)

Aaron and Vanessa had our favorite DJ's, Transaudio, so they took full advantage of their free choreographed dance lesson! It always makes for some terrific shots for the photographer. This was an excellent dip Aaron!!

It was what we call an "A-Team" wedding! Vendors from our favorites list, that all work together like a well oiled machine. Awesome! Thanks Aaron and Vanessa! It was so much fun working with you to make this beautiful day happen!

So Sunday, we returned for a wedding shower for Jill, who is having her wedding with us in October! I LOVE having the showers for our upcoming brides! It's always nice to know that we will be seeing them again. It's great for the guests too, because they have a chance to come to Aberdeen and when they come for the wedding they already are familiar with how to get here.

Their meal was an absolutely fabulous spinach salad, that was topped with crumbled bacon, shaved parmesan cheese, grilled chicken, tomato wedges, and red onion. It was awesome!

It was served with a wedge of garlic toast. The smell was incredible!

We're looking forward to their wedding in October, they are a lovely couple, and it will be a fun affair.

So that's our weekend in a nutshell. Hope yours was as much fun as ours was!

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Anonymous said...

Sooooo good of you to share the great pictures of Vanessa's wedding. The room was stunning and so were they! Mike said the prime rib was fabulous!