Saturday, August 1, 2009

Such a Pretty Wedding!

Shelly and Ken-----August 1, 2009

Shelly and Ken REALLY wanted to have their ceremony in the garden, and despite a very light mist, not even a mist really, just an occasional tiny raindrop, they were able to have it in the garden! The weather actually seemed to improve throughout the ceremony, getting a little lighter and brighter out by the minute. Fortunately we were on the tail end of the stormy weather that passed through today.
Shelly chose a very muted palette of chocolate brown, soft greens, a mauve/mushroom sort of color for the bridesmaids, and lots of woodsy, twiggy kind of greenery and the like decorating the ballroom.

The cake table was especially pretty, with vines and greenery going around the edge, and the cake on a glass pedestal on top of one of our chocolate bichon tablecloths which was swagged around the table.

Their placecards were mounted on tiny little green topiaries--so cute. Shelly used three different designs of centerpieces--a tall arrangement of twigs with silk flowers scattered on them, and moss and natural tiny rocks in the vase--a low "shabby chic" sort of little lantern which sat on a moss mat--and a tall twig like cone which also had moss and some tiny silk flowers.

It was really lovely!

Her menu cards were green on white with a flourish sort of design, and she had also made her own table numbers with moss on the diagonal corners which was very cute.

It was very apparent that Shelly had put a lot of thought as well as time and effort, into her wedding. She used a lot of lovely touches that made it very special and really made it "hers".

They also chose to take advantage of the free private dance lesson that Transaudios offers to their customers, and it was terrific! They did turns and dips and just really spiced up that first dance! I always tell folks that particularly if they aren't big dancers, that dance lesson is golden! If you already feel uncomfortable dancing, having a few little moves to throw in is only going to make you feel better about the whole thing. At least that way you have something to do besides sway and smooch! And when the crowd whoops and claps the first time you do a twirl--well, it does amazing things for your confidence and your comfort level! You might even find yourself enjoying being in the spotlight after all!

So congratulations Shelly and Ken! You had a beautiful wedding, a wonderful dinner for everyone, and a terrific party! You left no stone unturned, and thought of all the wonderful little touches that make your guests feel good about your event. I wish I could do weddings like yours every week!!!

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