Friday, August 21, 2009

Busy Weekend at Aberdeen Manor!

Aren't these pretty? Friday evening's wedding used navy blue as their main color. They also had programs for their wedding and table numbers that matched the placecards. It was very pretty. Their ceremony took place at the Valpo University Chapel.
The palette was very simple, very elegant, as were the bride and groom. It was a beautiful evening and a delightful mix of guests from all over the world. They were having an Indian ceremony and reception on Saturday! (It wasn't with us though because they had well over 300 coming for that one.)

Congratulations Stephanie and Abhishek! Beautiful wedding!
Saturday evening, we AGAIN had navy blue as one of the main colors! The fuchsia and oranges with it though, gave the whole affair an entirely different attitude!

Emily and Dustin are both dental students, and their favors reflected that! So cute! Bags of gummy bears, banded with the little rubber bands used for braces, and a nice new toothbrush tied into the ribbon around the bag!
Their groom's cake also went with the theme:

How cute is that?
The inside was red velvet cake "To look like the pulp of a tooth." Emily said. Too funny!

Such a beautiful wedding, and such a nice couple. The men all wore the beige linen suits that are so popular this summer--perfect for a garden wedding! Their shoes were navy blue keds with fuchsia trim!

I have to say that I see a lot of beautiful wedding gowns, but Emily's gown was absolutely stunning! So different! The skirt was a mass of fluttering chiffon "leaves" (I don't really know what to call them!) This photo is a little bit on the yellow side because of all the incandescent lights. It will give you an idea, though, of how this gown moved. It had the look of ostrich feathers all fluttering around--really cool!

So congratulations to Emily and Dustin! It was an amazing evening!

Sunday's wedding was in the afternoon. It was hot and humid, however since the wedding was in the air conditioned chapel, nobody seemed to mind. Kelly and Tom took pictures in the garden after the ceremony, and also after their reception ended at 5. It was the best of both worlds!

Their cake was really pretty, with sugared fruit decorating it. A nice change from flowers. The sugared fruits went beautifully with the eggplant purple and ivory they had chosen for their colors.

Tom and Kelly booked their wedding three months ago, in May! It was elegant, personal, and everything that a wedding that was planned over two years might be! It only goes to prove that we don't need alot of time here at Aberdeen to plan a beautiful wedding!

Kelly chose to make her trip down the aisle unaccompanied. Then Tom walked up the aisle from the front and met her about halfway, and walked the rest of the way to the front of the chapel. It was very sweet. They didn't have any adult attendants, just a flower girl (who had amazing hair!) and ringbearer.

Kelly and Tom released their guests themselves, and greeted everyone. The guests went out to the stairs of the chapel to wait for them. The newlyweds rang the bell in the steeple, and then proceeded out the chapel doors to the applause and cheers of all their guests. Everyone had a group photo taken on the chapel stairs, and then went to the ballroom to start the party while a few last minute photos were taken. Kelly and Tom had chosen to do all their pictures together before the ceremony, so they were able to go and enjoy the cocktail hour along with their guests.
Many years of happiness Kelly and Tom! It was a joy working with you this summer!
So there you have it--our busy weekend in a nutshell! I could go on for days about our weddings, this is just a few of the highlights!
It was a wonderful weekend with three lovely, elegant, personal weddings. Each different in its own way, and each with its own special touches.
This is why I love my job! :)
Incidentally, I am going to try to offer a little recap like this every week. If I could figure out a faster way to upload photos it would make it much easier. (Amy? Any ideas?) Right now, it's very time consuming. I'll try though, I promise!

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