Thursday, August 13, 2009


Ladies!!! Just in case you might not have noticed the comment on my post about finding shoes I wanted to point out this info for you.
Cindy writes:
"I have purchased many pairs of shoes from --- as a bridesmaid and for my anniversary party. I have not utilized any dyeing services. What I like is that there is free shipping TO you and then free shipping to return (as long as you return all of the shoes from the order in one package – one free return shipment per order). This website also offers lots of shoes in hard to find sizes. I am a 6W which is a difficult size to find, I ordered at least 10 pairs of shoes since I didn’t know what I would like, and I found several that fit well. Returned the nine other pairs with NO problems.
Also – as a tip – before I place the order I google “SHOEBUY.COM PROMO CODE” and almost always find a code for a percentage off!"

Gotta love that couponing tip! My daughters will be all over that!
So then additionally Cindy tells me about the shipping:

"When you return them, you go on line and print out a shipping form for UPS, attach it to the original mailing box and POOF! All done! I have had great luck with casual as well as dress shoes from this website."

How easy is that? So you pick out a pair you love, and order it in a couple of sizes so that you have some leeway, figuring you'll return the ones that don't work, then UPS just comes and gets the rest of them and you are done! Cool! What I really like about this, besides the utter convenience of it, is that you could wear the shoes around your house for a couple hours and really give them a good "road test". As long as you don't wear them outside on concrete or asphalt, you could REALLY try them out and have a much better idea if your tootsies would be cozy for 8 or 10 hours in them.

Thanks so much for you input Cindy!!! I know everyone will find this really useful!

Anyone else have any good shoe ideas?

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