Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Stacy and Mike 10-24-09

We had so much fun planning Mike and Stacy's day. Poor Mike always had to have his cell phone with him because he is with EMS. We kind of planned everything between calls from the ambulance barn, but that's ok, it all worked out. He must have found someone to take his calls for the wedding because I didn't see him on the phone even once! Haha.

Hidden Garden did some really pretty things with the front of the chapel. Megan and I liked the vines hanging from the back of the wood trim of the platform. There were also some potted trees off to each side. It made for kind of a woodsy, gardeny look. Very cool.
Following the ceremony, Mike and Stacy had a sparkler send off. Unfortunately, they purchased the BIG grey sparklers which made a LOT of smoke. So it was a little more difficult to get good photos through the cloud. They also threw off some major sparks and the bride and groom were a little freaked out about the gown getting burned.

Our experience with sparklers has been that the cheap, 10 to a box, little grey sparklers, like we all had on the fourth of July as kids, work the best for weddings. They don't throw sparks, they don't smoke excessively, and they last just long enough to get some good photos. (If you want to do something with sparklers for your wedding, stop by and see me, I have examples in my office of all the different kinds and I can show you exactly what sort of sparkler to get.)
Their colors were chocolate brown, and fall hues for the flowers and accents. They chose a lovely cake all in ivory with fall flowers for decoration on the top.

Brown poly toppers with an ivory napkin looked really pretty. Their brown favor boxes looked wonderful too.
Lots of candles, made for lots of ambiance.

Mike and Stacy chose a sweetheart table for their head table. Their attendants sat at rounds with their spouses and dates. I really like the idea of a sweetheart table. It gives the couple a few minutes to talk and be "alone in the moment, together" which is something you don't get a lot of on your wedding day!

Transaudio was here to take care of all the DJ duties. Mike and Stacy took advantage of the free dance lesson that Transaudio includes, and they spiced up their first dance with some "moves" to wow the crowd. It always makes for some great pictures when couples have some loops and turns and dips that they throw in.

It was a lovely wedding for a terrific couple. Nice crowd, wonderful folks. Great fun.

We were so happy that both of our weddings had decent weather this weekend! After all the rain we've had, we were hoping for some nicer skies. Saturday started out nasty, but through the day it improved and was actually very nice later in the afternoon. This has been a really weird weather year. So much rain and nastiness! We've really been happy that we have the chapel for our ceremonies when the garden doesn't work out! It's made life a lot easier here. We're getting into the time of year now where folks are planning their ceremonies for the chapel, and taking their chances on maybe getting a few photos in the garden if the weather permits. I'm hoping that the 2010 season will be a little less rainy and wet. At least if it's going to rain, it can do it on Tuesday or Wednesday! We'll all cross our fingers and hope for a sunnier summer in 2010!

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