Thursday, October 8, 2009

Market Report!

As mentioned in a previous post, Megan and I spent Sunday and Monday this week at the National Bridal Market in Chicago. The word of the day for bridal fashions this year?


Wow! Everywhere we looked there were sparkles and jewels and shiny things. The gowns are blinged up with metallic embroidery and jewels and crystals, the jewelry, tiaras, and veils are blinged up. Amazing! We had a great time choosing new and different jewelry, veils, and accessories for the shop.

We were both particularly excited about the cute things we found to bling up the hairdos. Cute combs, pins, headbands (HUGE on the coasts!!) and so many fun little fascinators, and retro items made with English net, horse hair, and FEATHERS!!! Feathers are HUGE! On the gowns, in the hair, on the accessories. So fun!

We were particularly excited to find a BEAUTIFUL line of handbags for our brides. All of the designs are available in white and ivory. These bags are SO elegant and pretty, some are very antique looking with scrolling metalwork at the openers (as you can see, I'm not up on my handbag nomenclature!) Check out the beautiful things available at Bel Aire. In a very short time we will have an even more fabulous selection of their wonderful line.

We also met with US Angels, the supplier of our adorable little flower girl gowns. I have always loved these little gowns for their sweet "little girl" styles, their wonderful little crinolines that poof the skirt out and at the same time protect the little miss from scratching with a built in liner, and their truly reasonable prices. We have a set of actual fabric samples coming shortly that will show all the sash colors they have available (and it is extensive!) Their entire line is online for you to see, and of course, we can order any of them for you. Their gowns run very true to size, so measuring your little flower girl for her gown is a breeze. Cute cute cute!!

New garters, veils too numerous to mention, jewelry, handbags (also for moms and bridesmaids some fabulous new styles) lots of new things will be coming to Affairs in the next few weeks! We'll try to keep you updated as our fun new items arrive!

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