Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Anne and Jamie

Anne and Jamie, what a cute couple they are! Anne is so bubbly and outgoing, Jamie seems very serious, and has a very dry sense of humor. He would say something really funny in our meetings, and never crack a smile. Sometimes I wasn't sure if he was serious or kidding, but Annie always seemed to know the difference. They were great fun to work with.

Chocolate brown and fuchsia, along with shades of pinks, were their colors. The brown bichon tablecloths looked really beautiful with the pinks.
Their favor bags were a big visual impact when the guests arrived. And the fuchsia menu cards were a pretty touch on the place settings.
Annie was VERY excited about her candy table! They had all sorts of candies in the wedding colors for guests to choose from. Everything from gummibears to sweeties! Obviously, if you use chocolate as one of your colors, there are LOTS of things to choose from!

The cake was highlighted with our fuchsia satin table cloth on the cake table. I really like a dark cloth on the cake table, because the dark color really highlights the cake and sets it off. We have a number of colored cloths at Aberdeen, and if by chance we don't have your color, you are welcome to bring your own 90 inch round for the cake table and we'll put it on and swag it for you. It really makes the cake an attention getter!

Following the ceremony Anne and Jamie rang the bell and went out the door to a sparkler send off. We weren't sure how dark it would be, but it worked out great. It was a cloudy day and just past sunset, so while it was still dusky, it was just dark enough that the sparklers were a perfect touch.

Anne surprised Jamie (a huge White Sox fan!) with a special visit from "Southpaw" the official mascot of the Chicago White Sox! Here's a shot of him with our bartender, Carol, who is a huge fan. As a longtime fan of the Sox myself (my 15 year old dachshund is named Ozzie you know!) I enjoyed having some hang time with Southpaw before his big entrance. So I have his info and pricing if anyone is interested in inviting him to their wedding. Southpaw particularly enjoys coming to receptions later in the evening when everyone is dancing and partying. He's quite the partier himself!
It was a really fun evening, with lots of special touches. and a great start for a wonderful couple.

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