Saturday, June 6, 2009

Oh Happy, Happy Day!!!

Today is the day I have waited for, for a long, long time! I woke up at 6 a.m. and was ready to jump out of bed and go to work right then! And for any of you who really know me, you KNOW that's not my usual!!! Today, my daughter, Megan, comes to work full time at the Manor. Megan has worked summers, vacations, and weekends, for the last 11 years. She actually was a part of the Manor from the beginning. Every year when school started, through the years that Megan was in college, as well as the last five years when she was a first grade teacher, I have been so sad to see her leave us to go back to school.
Megan was married last October, at the Manor (well, I told her she could have her wedding anywhere she wanted to, but that if she wanted Jim and I to be there, she probably ought to consider the Manor!  ) A few days after she and Trey returned from their rainy honeymoon in Mexico she was over at the house for a glass of wine. We were talking about the wedding and what a wonderful day it was, and how much fun we all had.
Megan said to me “Mom, I never fully realized, until I was on the other side of it, what it is that we give our customers, and how special that is. I really want to be a part of that!”
My first reaction was, “Well you ARE!”
And she said “No, I mean I want to be a part of it full time, like you.”
Well, to say I was thrilled would be a gross understatement!!!
The months since last November have been filled with long talks and discussions about when would be the best time. Initially, she was going to continue to teach for another year, however in the spring, our employee situation changed and she decided that this would be the time.
I know what a difficult decision this has been for her, and I have tried to let it be HER decision (i.e. I really tried to not jump up and down in excitement whenever we talked about it, but GEES it was hard!!!)
Megan is an absolutely phenomenal teacher! And she truly loves teaching. She has wanted to be a teacher since she was a little bitty girl. We used to ride around town in my minivan, and she would have an imaginary class in the back seat that she would talk to! I would stop at the railroad track and she would turn around and shush them! “Now class! We need to be quiet so that the bus driver can check for trains!” There was a Christmas when she was about 7 that the ONLY thing she wanted was a “real” grade book, like the teachers had! Santa brought her one too, and she wrote all of our names in it as her “students” and when she would get angry with one of us, she would give us a bad grade! That little girl grew up to be such a wonderful teacher! Her kids all loved her, the little boys would absolutely swoon over her; she was SO good. And I know how much she loves it. I feel very guilty that I am taking her away from that. I also feel very humble and honored that she has chosen this path for her life.
The qualities that made her such an amazing teacher though, will serve her well at the Manor. Her sweet, unassuming personality; her diplomacy, tact, and thoughtfulness; her way of always empathizing with the other person, and walking in their shoes, seeing where they are coming from; her organization skills, and methodical way of tackling a job. All these things will be assets to her at the Manor.
Today is a very special day in the history of Aberdeen Manor. Today my daughter, my best buddy, my neighbor, becomes my business partner. I hope that I can be everything she expects of me, and live up to HER expectations. I will certainly try my best!

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Anonymous said...

It was a complete pleasure to have had the opportunity to become close to Megan and learn from her. I will take her kindness and my lessons I have from the Manor with me everywhere forever! I also see clearly that it's a good thing I got out of the way to make room for Megan! I'm soooo excited for her!