Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I'm sure WGN will be calling soon.....hahaha!

So last week, I was hanging out at home, trying to get some things planted in my yard, and Michelle called me. "Denna, this guy called and wants to interview you this afternoon about wedding receptions, here's his number."
So I call back, and it's Adam and Luis on WBEW which is the NPR station in Chesterton, and the sister station of the NPR station in Chicago that I listen to ALL the time,(so I am like SOOOOOO impressed!!!)and they tell me that they are doing a show about planning a "Phantom Wedding", I think they meant to say a "pretend wedding" but whatever. So I told them, sure, no problem, and started to stress about it till they called me at 4:30. Well, I had SOOOOOO much fun doing that interview!! These guys said that they wanted to ask me about the cost of a wedding reception, they never told me they were going to ask about my husband and what he does, or problems at weddings, or weird things that had happened, or ANY of that stuff. I felt kinda like I was in a tennis cage with the balls flying at me left and right and I was trying to hit them all back over the net! Wow! Talk about having to think on your feet!
So anyway, I think it went rather well! I actually didn't have a bunch of things that I wished I hadn't said or wanted to go back and change, like I usually do. I do wish that I had said more about what Jim does. He is so much a part of it, and he does so many things around there, talking with couples, being there for the weddings and sending the gals down the aisle, and talking with the guests and parents and all. He's our number one PR person, and I really feel badly that I drew a blank when they asked me "what does your husband do?" He DOES do all the maintenance and keeping everything shipshape, but I think he felt like I made him out to be a glorified janitor, and that wasn't how I meant it at all. I KNOW what a huge job it is, maintaining everything in the 20,000 square feet plus the outside grounds that we have to maintain, and that was the first thing that popped into my head--what a fabulous job he does of maintaining everything at Aberdeen Manor, so that it still, after 11 years, looks like it's nearly brand new.
So anyway, that's my one regret, but I felt like the rest of the interview went really well. Here's the link if you want to listen to it!
All in all, I think it was good. I felt like I was able to convey to them something of what Aberdeen Manor is all about. Any critiques or comments would be appreciated!

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strwberrryjoy said...

I had to laugh when he said that he wanted a price for 100 guests and he was having 10 attendants on each side. WOW. Has even even been to weddings?