Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Saved Wedding Cake

This morning in my Google Alerts an article popped up about a piece of wedding cake from the wedding of Queen Victoria's daughter being sold at an antiques sale in England. The wedding was in 1871! Now come on! Who is going to want to have a moldy old piece of 150 year old wedding cake? Well, if you want it, they are selling it for the rock bottom price of 145 pounds (about $200-$225 depending on the day and the exchange rate). Just exactly what does one DO with something like that? Put it in a glass dome on display? Yuck!
So, I say to Jim, who keeps a piece of cake like that anyway? His answer, "It was probably someone like you who had it in the back of the frig!"
The moral of this story? Marry a man with a sense of humor. He'll keep you laughing, even if it's at your own expense!

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