Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A couple of days ago I posted a “tweet” about needing some input on gown shops in the area. Here’s our dilemma. Unless someone has a really lousy experience with a gown shop, we don’t usually hear about it. But we do have gals ask us every day where there is a good gown shop, so I am asking all of you gals out there to help me with this one.
Obivously, if you were married 5 years ago, the information may not be as accurate as it would be if you were married last fall, but I would still like to hear any input you have.
Good or bad, we need to network about this.
What I have found in the past was that there are some gown shops that treat you like royalty until you place your order and plunk down your money, and then all of a sudden you become Cinderella! So how was your experience with YOUR gown shop? Did they treat you well before AND after the sale was made? Did you feel that they sincerely cared about you and your wedding and did whatever they could to make your experience a good one?
Most wedding gowns can be ordered and received in 2 to 6 months. Obviously it depends on the company that the gown is being ordered from, but some even have “hanging stock” that can be sent out right away. How was your experience with ordering?
Alterations are another area I would like some input on. Did your gown shop provide alterations with your gown up to a certain dollar amount? Did they refer you to good people to do the alterations? Was the gown ordered way too big or too small?
Did you order your bridesmaids gowns from the same store? Was their experience a good one as well?
What about your accessories? Selection, price, value? What were your impressions? Did you end up purchasing other items from the same shop or did you go elsewhere?
I would love to have some comprehensive data about the gown shops in our area, so that when someone asks me, I have an answer that is backed up with current data and information.
So help me out here ladies! Either leave a comment or email me at dfyock@affairsinc.com and let me know what your story is!

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