Friday, March 20, 2009

Thanks Stuart!!

Tuesday evening, yes, that was on St. Patrick's Day, we had 34 of our amazing staff get together for a training session with Stuart Gray. Stuart is a high energy, incredibly personable guy that I met at the Catersource Conference in Las Vegas a few weeks ago. He lives in Minneapolis and stopped to do our session on his way to Fort Wayne.

It was 2 hours of high impact, high energy, learning. Our folks really participated and worked hard at getting all that they could out of the session. It made me SO proud when Stuart told me afterward what an amazing group of employees I had! Heck, I already KNEW that, but it's always so nice to hear from someone else!
We covered the nuts and bolts of serving, how to pour, and the like, but Stuart's main focus was personal interaction. How can we make every guest at Aberdeen Manor feel really special? What can we do that will make their experience with us unlike anything they have ever had?
I think we came up with a lot of good ideas and thoughts on how to make it happen. We'll see what goes on this weekend!

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