Saturday, March 14, 2009


A couple weeks ago,Jim and I spent four days in Las Vegas at the Catersource Conference. I've been to this two or three times, and always find great ideas, products and lot of wonderful inspiration there.
One of the sessions I attended was on blogs. The presenter said that writing a blog is kind of like exercising, you have to get in the habit. Well, considering how lousy I am at keeping to an exercise routine, I guess this explains a lot!
So not only am I resolving to exercise (yeah, we'll see where THAT goes!) but I am going to get myself in the blogging habit as well.
Back to Catersource though. What great ideas! There were folks from both the left and right coasts there, with all these really cool and innovative things to do with food. My all time favorite thing though, was the barbeque grill at the trade show that looked just like the Purdue Locomotive!!!! Too cute! It made me want to go into the picnic/barbeque biz just so that I could have one! Gees, and I'm an IU grad! Ha!

Is that too cute or what? Well, unfortunately, with a pricetag of 23,000 (yes friends, that's three zeros after the 23!) I don't think Jim is going to let me diverge into picnics! Sigh.
Off to the treadmill!

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