Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Taste!

We are all so excited! This afternoon is our big party for all of our clients!
What used to be "First Dance Night" has morphed into the "Taste of Aberdeen Manor". There will be a number of our favorite vendors there to talk to our clients, and there will be boatloads of food! The kitchen staff has been working feverishly on this. We have prepared about 16 different entrees as well as side dishes and appetizers. All of this for about 120 people.
This is no small task. It is very difficult to serve food from a buffet and have it taste the same as it would coming straight from the kitchen, hot and steamy under a plate cover to your table as it would be at a reception. We keep tweeking this process each time we do it, and each time we learn something new.
I think our clients enjoy being able to try more than just one or two entrees. The variety is something everyone seems to appreciate, and it gives them an opportunity to try lots of things that they might not have considered for their reception meal otherwise.
I will try to post some photos this evening after the party is over. If any of you have thoughts or ideas on how to improve this process, we would love to hear them!
Off to the races! :)

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