Friday, June 3, 2011

Travel Agent Updates

You wouldn't believe how much money Nicole is saving our clients!  It seems like every time I see her she has a new story about someone who thought they were getting such a great deal on a flight from the "on line" brokers, and then Nicole buzzes in there and saves them hundreds at the bat of an eye!  It amazes me!  I was like everyone else--I didn't think a travel agent could beat the online prices!  HA!  Was I ever WRONG!!! 
If you are planning your honeymoon, and want to find out what Nicole can do for YOU, give her a call at 219-299-3511.  Nicole makes appointments at times that are convenient for you, just like we do in the shop, and she is usually in the shop during our "walk in" hours, although she does a lot of the travel junkets so you might want to call her first.  She just got back from a trip to Mexico where she toured about 40 resorts in 5 days!  Whew!  It's what makes her really good at her job though. She knows her stuff and she is thrilled to be able to share it with you!

(Ok, so this isn't REALLY Nicole--but if she keeps saving people all this money,
we're going to have to get her the Super Woman outfit!!)
Disclaimer:  Just so you all know, and so that there is no misunderstanding about our relationship with Nicole and Aberdeen Travels,  we are giving her space in the shop because we know that it is something that will be a huge help to our couples who are planning weddings and honeymoons.  We do not receive a percentage, or a kickback, or anything else.  If you have read our "Favorites List" you know already, that's NOT how we roll! :)  Just like our vendors on our Faves List, we recommend them because we know they are good and they are going to be a valuable asset to YOU, our clients.

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