Wednesday, April 13, 2011



The carpenters were here on Monday making the window for it and installing the beautiful wood molding around it. (You can see the trim molding leaning against the wall to the left of the ceremony area.  It's amazing!  Wayne Wilson has done all the trim at both the Manor and the Chapel--we go back a long way!)
Here was the video camera shot of the moment when they cut the hole through the wall--
Without the stained glass, it's a pretty bright spot in the chapel!  Kind of like God is up there shining through!  Whew!!!  There is a window behind where the stained glass will go, and it looks like it is going to light the stained glass beautifully!
( This picture is off of the webcam, and the windows always look really bright during the day on the webcam.)
Here, again, is the picture of the window in progress.  The individual pieces of stained glass are cut out and then stuck to a large piece of clear glass that is in front of a window.  This is how they can actually see how the pieces are going to work together in the finished window.  It's amazing how different the stained glass looks without light coming through it!  It's very dull and flat, lifeless--and then you get light coming through it and all of a sudden it's alive and vibrant!  Stained glass is just the most amazing stuff!  The black dots are little balls of clay that hold the pieces on so that they can be moved, replaced or whatever needs to be done.  What is missing from this photo that will make a HUGE difference in the finished window is the leading.  Also, there will be over 30 deep red jewels all the way around, and a larger red jewel in the middle.  It's going to be really beautiful!  It's going to give the chapel a focal point in the front that will highlight the area, without being something that indicates any particular denomination.  Which, since we have had Buddhist, Jewish, civil, and Sikh ceremonies, as well as Christian; is a very important concern!

I am SOOOOOOO excited to see the final product in place!!  It's going to be awesome!  Once it is installed I'll post more photos of it.  So stay tuned!  The delivery is scheduled for this afternoon, around 2 pm.  I can hardly wait!!!!!

More to come!

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