Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Shelley and Rich 3-27-2011

What a great couple! We had such fun planning their big day! I don't think I ever saw Rich without Purdue logowear somewhere on him! Boiler Up!
Peacock blue was the color. Black bridesmaid's gowns with a teal sash.
The flowers were done by Lemster's in Valparaiso.  Beautiful!  I'm not normally a fan of dyed flowers, but there is something about the hot pink dendrobium orchids dyed blue that I just love!  They are so different and so pretty!  And of course, they go with the peacock color scheme perfectly!
Peacock feathers are what I would call a very "strong" theme.  It is easily overdone and can become garish if you go too crazy with them.  Shelley did a great job of "nodding" to the peacock without being consumed by it!  A few feathers, mixed with the flowers, kept the whole thing under control. 

Beautiful placecard table--simple, elegant, and welcoming!
Their cake was lovely!  Linda Monroe did an amazing job with it.  The peacock feather shapes were done white on white, traced onto the cake.  Again, a nod to the peacocks not a full on assault! :)
I've seen "peacock cakes" that were hideous!  Some with the actual bird in full color draping down the cake--argh!  This was lovely, and their sparkly "B" on the top was just the right touch.  Feathers around the topper were considered, but we decided that real bird feathers on something you were going to eat didn't sit really well.  Better to keep them off the cake.

 No, this wasn't a photo of the dinner!  This was the "salad course" that our staff made for the kids at the wedding.  Gummy Bears on the Beach!  Don't miss the little Sixlet beach ball!  Too cute!
We had the inaugural run of our snow machine!  Awesome!!  The crowd loved it!  There were so many ooo's and ahhhh's you would have thought it was REALLY snowing in the ballroom!
All in all a beautiful wedding for a wonderful couple!  Many good wishes Shelley and Rich! 

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