Wednesday, March 16, 2011

QR Codes, What the Heck!

Those little one inch square black and white boxes, they look kinda like a teeny tiny little crossword puzzle, and they have started showing up, particularly in magazine ads.  Those are called QR codes, which from what I understand, is short for Quick Read Code.  They function basically the same as a bar code.
I remember back when they first started using the bar codes on things and everyone thought they were just an unnecessary little annoyance!  I really believe that these QR codes are something that is going to open up some huge possibilities for linking information, particularly in magazine advertising.  They just haven't hit their "tipping point" yet. 
So those of you who read this blog, have you ever used this new technology with your smart phone?  What do YOU think about it?  Is this something you think you would use in the future?  Are you as excited about the possibilities as I am?  I am really interested to know what our clients and customers think about these!  You can comment here, or email me directly at if you're shy! :)
Thanks in advance for your help.
Oh and by the way, THANK YOU to everyone that replied to our Survey Monkey survey about the Taste!
We got some really great suggestions and ideas to help us to make the next one even better!
As ever, happy weddings!

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