Friday, May 14, 2010

Katie and Mike 5-8-2010

Well if we gave a prize for the most beautiful flowers, last Saturday would have won it hands down! Their flowers were not just beautiful, they were exquisite!! I see a lot of wedding flowers, and these were absolutely awesome. The peonies smelled absolutely heavenly, and the French tulips, wow! They were the most beautiful, delicate pink, with their long, slender, graceful stems--I just love them! In order to make spring branches, they wired the individual flowers from pink stocks to curly willow branches. They looked like Kwansin Cherry blooms--so pretty! The branches also had dripping glass baubles hanging from them. The effect of the whole arrangement was amazing.
Katie and Mike were a delight! Such a great couple. They had originally planned to have their wedding in the garden, but when the weather turned crappy, and the temperature was only about 50 degrees, they decided that maybe the chapel was the place for their ceremony. They were able to get pictures taken in the garden before the wedding (so smart, I love it when the bride and groom get their pictures together done before the ceremony, it really maximizes their time.)
It was a delightful evening, with a beautiful couple, making their dreams come true. What a wonderful job we have!!


Amy said...

Is there a secret to keeping cut tulips nice? I buy them because they're pretty in the store, and then they look sad and droopy by the time I get them home. Did the florist put something magic in the water to keep them in shape, or did it have to do with the type of tulips they used?

Either way, very pretty!!

Denna said...

Tulips are a very short lived flower. They don't normally last very long. A florist will "harden them off" by wrapping them in a newspaper, with the stems straight out, and then putting them in the cooler overnight. Supposedly this will keep the stems from getting all bendy. A fresh cut on the stems before you put them in water is always good, and the flower preservative that they usually throw in with cut flowers helps keep them nice longer. They just don't last very long though. Room temperature affects tulips too. If the room is really warm they will open out quickly. If you want something that will last a few days try chrysanthemums or mini carnations. They will last for days, particularly if you change the water often and keep the foliage out of the water. a fresh cut to the stems helps each time you change the water too.