Monday, April 26, 2010

Tux registration problems---

Just to let everyone know, we have again been experiencing some problems receiving the online tux measurement registrations. I keep hoping that our new web host will get this all fixed, and it seems like for a while it's ok, and then, whamo! We get hit again with another problem!
So what has been happening, is that when someone submits their measurements, they get a variety of error messages. Some of the measurements have gotten to us in spite of this, others haven't, so if you have groomsmen that have used our online registration you might check with us to see if we have their measurements in your file.
I am SOOOOOO sorry! I know this is a pain. Believe me, it has been a nightmare for us too. Hopefully we have it fixed now.
Remind all of your out of town people that we always acknowledge the measurements we receive, so if they don't receive a confirmation, they need to check with us.
Hopefully this won't happen again. Gees.

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