Thursday, January 14, 2010

Mmmmmmm! Coffee!

Specialty coffee bars are THE thing to do on the left and right coasts! It's something that is just getting into the Midwest, and I'm so excited because it's SO much fun!
Here's a video from a caterer in Oklahoma City, showing how they do their specialty coffee bar. It's like having Starbuck's come to your wedding! (granted, it would be nice if it had some music or something to make it a little more interesting, but it will give you the idea anyway.)
We have a barista we can bring in for your event. We refer to him lovingly as "coffee guy". Let us know if this is something that might appeal to you. It's surprisingly reasonable. The price is based on per hour/number of guests, roughly like an open bar price. For 250 guests it was about 700 dollars, for about 2 hours of service (I think it was 2 hours, it might have been 3, I'm shooting from the hip here!) We can get more specific pricing if you are interested.
Coffee bars are available to compliment the regular bar, not to replace it. Particularly after dinner, folks really enjoy having a cup of espresso or a latte. If you are concerned about people drinking too much alcohol, this is a great way to slow them down a little and give them a nice alternative to another Cosmo. The barista usually has "go cups" available too which is really nice for your guests to use to take a cup with them on the road.
I'll keep my eye open for more info about coffee bars, and will pass it along when I see something. Let me know if you want to do something like this.
And hey! You gals that had a barista last year! Let's see some comments on how cool it was, ok? :)


Amy said...

Especially at this time of year, it would be nice to have a hot cup of coffee to warm up cold hands on the way home from a party/reception! If I were getting hitched again, I'd schedule "coffee guy" for the last two or three hours of my reception - to help people warm up (and sober up!) before they go home.

I regret that I got married in 2001 before you had all this cool stuff. You didn't even have chocolate fountains back then! Can I get a do-over? :)

Katie Sanntio said...

I was one of the gals that had the "coffee guy" at my wedding (Denna, was I possibly the first???). Oh man, it was a huge hit with my guests. I received a lot of compliments on how unique it was to have the coffee bar with all the floofy drinks to accompany our lovely sweet table (inclusive of my homemade biscotti). It was surprisingly reasonable in cost and totally worth it!