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Elizabeth and Scott December 5, 2009

Ok, yes, you guessed my New Year's resolution! Get caught up with the blogging!!!!
Now that I have Jill and Ryan's wedding posted, I should be over my writer's block.
I have noticed that most procrastinators, including myself, are perfectionists. We put things off because we are afraid they won't be perfect. Sometimes I really have to push myself to "let it go"!

So on December 4th we had a little Christmas party for a company that has had their party with us since the first year we were open in 1999. Great company, great people.

On Saturday the 5th, Elizabeth and Scott were married, at 5:15! Yes! They had on their invitation that the wedding would be at 5:15! I love it! It seems to me that this would really make folks think that they were serious about the time. It worked out beautifully, and there actually were very very few late comers for as large a group as it was.

Another interesting touch that they added was doing a slide presentation BEFORE the ceremony started. It was an unusual touch. The moms lit the unity candle, then the lights went down and the slide show played above the table in the chapel, then when the slide show ended the processional began. It was a very unique touch. The ceremony did end up being about 15 minutes longer, which really squeezed them time wise after the ceremony, but it all worked itself out.
The Flower Cart used a lovely draping garland above the ceremony area in the chapel which looked very pretty. White twigs in bunches down the aisle added to the wintery look. The blue, white, and silver color theme was very crisp and icey.

Following the ceremony the bride and groom released the guests and the guests gathered outside to give them a sparkler lit path to the ballroom. Elizabeth had a lovely white cape to wear over her gown, along with a white fur muff, so she was toasty warm. For December it was really a beautiful evening. Cold, but not bitter.

The ballroom was beautiful with the blue and white, twigs, sparkly blingbling. It was really a winter wonderland.

Dinner was a very tasty combo plate with bistro filet and champagne chicken, asparagus and sour cream and chive mashed potatoes--yummy!!

Everyone enjoyed dancing and partying through the evening. It was a wonderful wedding to kick off the Christmas season. Such a nice change from the usual Christmas colors. The blue and silver was lovely.
Congratulations Elizabeth and Scott!

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