Saturday, November 7, 2009

Jodi and Chris 11-6-09

I just love winter weddings! I love when it's dark outside and the candles and fireplace are lit. I love the luminaries across the parking lot to the chapel, and I love sparklers. Our anniversary is in December, so I practiced what I preach! Winter weddings are cozy, warm, and have an intimate sense of closeness. It's kind of like the difference between Christmas Eve day and the actual evening of Christmas Eve--the magic comes out only after it's dark!
Last night was our first wedding and reception since the time change last week. It was wonderful to have that magic again! Having Jodi and Chris made it even more special! What a wonderful pair these two are! Jodi's smile could light up a room, and it was evident that it lit up Chris's life!
I knew from the first time I talked with them that they would have a really great party!
Their colors were chocolate, red and ivory (ok blog readers, who can tell me how many chocolate weddings we have had this fall? I think chocolate is the new black!) I LOVE red in our ballroom though, and it is so pretty with chocolate brown (who would've thought it!)
House of Fabian created two beautiful arrangements for the chapel that were in giant white pumpkins--so pretty. Their bouquets were stunning as well. Kind of a mixture of flowers in the dark fall hues with bright red accents, Jodi's had lots of ivory touches worked into the other colors.
Their placecard table was darling--little mini white pumpkins that were cut at an angle to hold the placecards. Too cute.
Following the ceremony, the couple went back and released guests themselves, and the attendants passed out sparklers to the guests. It was a little windy for the luminaries, but they managed to stay upright for the most part.
When Jodi and Chris had finished greeting all their guests they rang the bell and walked out through a pathway of sparklers over to their reception. (They had done their photos before the wedding, so they were free to go enjoy their cocktail hour after the wedding.)

The guests raved about their dinner! Crab stuffed mushrooms, antipasti trays, and artichoke crostini along with the wine upgrade at the bar (wine lists on the bar! at a wedding! can you imagine?!? The guests LOVE it!) What a great combination. Chicken piccata with sour cream and chive mashed potato and chef's medley (zucchini, yellow squash, green beans and red pepper strips) made a beautiful plate. Their yummy wedding cake topped it off.

What a fun evening. Their guests danced till the end, and partied the night away. It was a wedding where we enjoyed watching everyone have such a good time.

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Jodi said...

I knew from the FIRST email I received back from you (at 10pm no less) that Aberdeen was going to be the place where we made our wedding memories. I can't tell you 1000 more times how grateful I am, how awesome you are and how wonderful our wedding experience was at Aberdeen! The food was SO DELICIOUS (wedding food? delicious? YES!!!), the wine list was a show stopper and our wedding cake - there aren't words on how good that darn wedding cake was! I've even made a list of all the FUTURE cakes Linda Monroe will be making for our birthday and holiday get togethers! Your calming nature, your breadth of experience and the tireless efforts you invest in your work are priceless gifts. Your attention to detail made my evening so stress free and enjoyable. For ANY bride, any mother of the bride, anyone thinking about a place in NW Indiana to have a wedding, don't even bother looking anywhere else. Aberdeen Manor is it. As far as I'm concerned, it was always destined to be. I am a city girl, who waited what felt like a lifetime to meet my prince - and of course he had to be from INDIANA? And I found the most perfect, cozy, intimate and loving venue to make my lifetime memory. Thank you Denna, Jim, Megan and the Aberdeen team for making my childhood dream a reality.