Friday, November 6, 2009

Early Christmas at Affairs!

Wow! It has been so much fun to see the big brown truck pull up at the shop the last couple weeks! We know every time he delivers that we will have more fun things to go through! It has been like Christmas! And the best part is that there is more to come. Actually, maybe it's more like Hanukah, since we get presents every day. Haha.

We now have a BEAUTIFUL selection of English netting "Fascinators" These are HUGE on the right and left coasts! As with most trends, they are working their way to the Midwest, so you can be the first bride on your block to be on the cutting edge! SOOOOOOO cute! The Fascinator is worn to the front, over the face: so retro, so very Vogue! We have them with or without little feather enhancements, bling bling enhancements, plain, and even one that is on a little horsehair hat. Audrey Hepburn would be DROOLING!

Many of you know the soft spot I have for handbags. Oh my! Did we find some beauties, and very reasonably priced too! Our bags are great for folks that are going to formal occasions as well as for the moms at weddings. Keep us in mind if you attend the Popcorn Ball!

This one, below, is my particular fave. I LOVE the clasp! It just doesn't sparkle and shine in the picture like it does in person. It's just the right amount of bling for the handbag. If you want this one you better hurry, because it may be going home with ME any day now! :) My inner raccoon is SCREAMING for it!

These beaded bags in the back row are awesome as well. Sooooooo cute! They have little tuck away shoulder chains, and the designs on them are strikingly pretty. By the way, most all of our bags are convertible to shoulder bags.

We also have a truckload of really awesome bags coming in ivory and white, perfect for the elegant bride to tuck a hankie and lipstick, cell phone and maybe a couple other items into. So pretty. I'll post them when they come.
And while I'm thinking about it, did you know that our gown preservation includes up to three accessories free with the preservation of your gown (that would be the one that is FREE if you purchase your invitations and tuxes at Affairs, a $189 value!) That means you can include your veil, handbag, shoes, whatever you need to have cleaned and preserved, at no additional charge.

And check out some of the awesome new jewelry sets that have arrived!

Chandelier earrings continue to be HOT for the bride, and even the bridesmaids with certain gowns. We have received some really beautiful sets, and they are SO reasonable!

This one, below, is my particular favorite. Every time I walk past the case it's in, it catches my eye! SOOOOO pretty! Bling but elegant. It would be perfect with a little black dress, as well as with just about any wedding gown. (And it would be awesome with that handbag I love up above! Hmmmmmmm! Down Rocky, down boy!)

We've also received a number of really beautiful hair pieces, combs, tiaras, and some absolutely awesome headbands. I'm still trying to figure out the best way to photograph the headbands, so that will be a later post, but check out this comb:

You just can't imagine from the picture how sparkly and beautiful this piece is. You just have to see it in person!
Brooches? Did someone ask for brooches? Well, this is the place ladies! We have two shelves full of them. The hardest part will be deciding which one, because one is prettier than the next!

By the way, did you notice the snowflake there in the front? Perfect for the winter bride who is using snowflakes as a theme for the wedding! I can't tell you how many times we have searched for snowflakes in the past, and here it is.
Below are two more of our new brooches, nestled in among the boards with "bustle pins" These are sets of 6 matching pins for pinning up the bustle on a gown, however some of our clever gals have used these on their bridesmaids' gowns, to give them a little glitz and glam. They are the perfect touch at the bodice, on the shoulder, or even at the center back, depending on the style of the gown. They are just the right size for a bridesmaid when used individually.

We also have some awesome new veils, which I will also post later, when I figure out how to photograph them! We have some really short ones, lace edged, long, waterfall, you name it. (And keep in mind that our veils are priced well below any bridal shop in the area!)

So that's some of the exciting new things we have to show you when you stop in at Affairs! Keep in mind that you are always welcome to bring your wedding gown, bridesmaid gown, or mom's gown to the shop. You can try the gown on and see what works with it. Much easier than trying to put it all together in your head. We also can loan pieces out, for you to take to your fitting and try with your gown if it is in for alterations. We do whatever we can to make it as convenient as possible for you.
Our open hours are Thursday 12 to 8, and Friday or Saturday 12 to 5. Feel free to stop by during these hours, or call us for an appointment other days or evenings. Sometimes it's nice to have the place to yourself if you are going to try your gown on and play dress up with us. :) Just let us know what works for you and we'll set something up.
Oh! The UPS truck is coming! Gotta run!!!!!

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