Saturday, July 4, 2009

Congrats Dirk and Kathrin

Last night we had a very interesting wedding. The bride and groom live in Germany. The groom grew up in Valparaiso, and moved to Europe to play basketball, then he met Kathrin! Judging from the way they looked at each other, it was a done deal from the first!
Earlier in the week I received an email from one of Kathrin's relatives who wanted to send me a pdf file with a custom made "card" for the bride and groom, which he had made up on his computer. Cool! I mentioned to him in my email back, that we have live webcams that they could watch the reception and actually hear what was going on! They were SO excited! DJ Mike and I pow-wowed before the reception began on how to present the card to the bride and groom, and when. The moment came right after the toasts. Mike, in his usual smooth and suave fashion, made a beautiful presentation of the card, and then drew the attention of all the guests to the webcam, and had everyone wave and say "hi" to all the relatives in Germany!
How wonderful it is that we have the technology to include friends and relatives half a world away in their celebration! What a special feeling it gives us to be able to make it happen for them. We really should have a world map in the shop with those little dot push pins to show all the places that folks have watched from. Russia, India, England, Germany, Canada, Hawaii, China, Spain, and every corner of the US. It is truly amazing!
So I hope that our new friends in Germany were able to enjoy the reception along with Dirk and Kathrin! And all of us here wish them every happiness in their new life together!

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