Wednesday, July 8, 2009

And then there are days------

This evening we had the annual meeting for the Porter County Community Foundation at the Manor. We provide a big spread of hors d'oeuvres and bar, and everyone who is anyone in Valparaiso show up to party. Then they have a business meeting of sorts to award their annual awards to different community organizations and volunteers in the community.
So tonight, after doing this party for the last eleven years, they got to the meeting part, and what happens? The FIRE ALARM goes off! I jumped out of my chair in my office where I had gone to check my email real quick, and I went flying to the kitchen! "What happened?" I said with a panic in my voice. " Oh XXXX was putting away silverware and bumped into the fire alarm and set it off".
I run back to my office, grab the little alan wrench that has been in my drawer unused for the last 11 years, and run back to the kitchen.
"Here Tom, try this!" Tom is our security person who has been there for the last 11 years as well.
He can't find a place to turn it off. Meanwhile, the lights are blinking on and off, and the horn is blaring and bleating and making all of us deaf.
"Oh gees, I'll call Jim!" I say, and run to the phone.
I dial him on his cell, no answer!
I dial him at Megan's house because he said he was going there to help her clean carpets.
He answers, hallalujah!!!
"What's the problem" he says.
"The flippin fire alarm is going off and I don't know how to disarm it!" I say, in a panic.
"Go in the back storage room and hit the buttons on the box that say disarm alarm" he says calmly.
"Great, bye!" I say and run for the back storage room. All this time, we have 200 people sitting in the ballroom wondering if they should evacuate or what!
I find the box on the wall, hit the buttons, and voile, silence!!!

This is why Jim is not allowed to leave, EVER EVER EVER!!!!! He at least must be accessible by cell phone no matter what!! Gees!! :)

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