Sunday, October 26, 2008

Megan's Wedding--Part 2

The weather was beautiful, sixties, sunny and not much breeze. A perfect fall day. The chapel was all decked out and looking absolutely gorgeous. Dodrill Construction had made a special effort to install the candles in the windows before Saturday, Dennis worked on it all week to get them done. They looked beautiful. We had liked the candles in the windows last Christmas so much that we wanted to have them year round. They look amazing.

Inside, The Flower Cart had worked their magic. Little antique copper containers hung from the pew ends filled with roses, orchids and bright green amaranthus.

The table at the front of the chapel was covered in roses, amaranthus and candles. Megan had wanted to have lots of candles. She and Trey worked some beautiful elements into their ceremony, which was officiated by Judge ProTem Doug McMillan. They had each of their attendants light a candle for each of the vows, to have and to hold, for better or for worse, for richer or for poorer, etc. Then the two of them went up and lit the unity candle.

It was just lovely. I loved that it involved the entire wedding party in a unique and moving way.

Following the ceremony, the bride and groom went back to the front and released the guests themselves, rather than having a receiving line. As each of the guests came through the doors of the chapel, they were given balloons in the wedding colors of chocolate, burgundy and ivory.

(That's my little granddaughters, Mary Grace and Claire, the flower girls, with their daddy and their balloons, sooooo cute!)

When everyone had left the chapel and had their balloons, Megan and Trey rang the steeple bell, and came out the door. They released their balloons and so did everyone with them. It was so beautiful. Not very PC I admit, but it was magnificent.

Then the bride and groom boarded the Task Force Tips firetruck, driven by my brother Stewart, and they went down the street to take some pictures by the fountain, sirens blaring, lights, and bell clanging! It was wonderful fun!

So today is flying by, and I need to attend to the wedding we have this evening so for now you will just have to wait with eager anticipation to hear about the reception! If you can't wait you can always go to my daughter, Amy's blog where she has posted her take on the whole affair days ago, because she is a much better blogger than I! If you visit her blog be sure to read her poem from last Monday about "My Favorite Things" it was darling!

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