Sunday, July 20, 2008

December is available for the picking!!!!!!

Well, I had a meeting with my ad agency on Friday, and we talked with them about tying a calendar of available dates into our blog. Does that appeal to anyone? Does anyone actually READ my blog? (That would be other than my daughters who are loyal and faithful readers, haha) Our thought was to have some sort of list along the side of the posts that would show the available dates that are kind of getting missed in the shuffle. It's always frustrating when someone says to me "Oh, I hear you are booked three years ahead!" because we AREN'T booked that far ahead, and even if someone came in tomorrow wanting a date this fall, we could do it. Maybe not a Saturday night, but we do Fridays and Sundays all the time, and they work out great! We have a number of SATURDAYS in DECEMBER!!! This friends, is THE most beautiful month of the year to have a wedding! And for some reason, everyone is shying away from December this year! We still have plenty of time to plan it (heck, two or three weeks is enough for us to plan a wedding!) We are offering our winter discounts that normally start in January, in DECEMBER this year because we would really much rather do weddings than Christmas parties. What a deal you can get! Discounts on the ballroom rental and the chapel, free centerpieces and beautiful bichon tablecloths, the disounts amount to about 1500 dollars discount! AND you get the advantage of having all of our beautiful Christmas decorations AND the luminaries from the chapel to the ballroom, and of course, the WOW moment. (Don't know what the WOW moment is? Well, that's when everyone walks into the ballroom, and all the lights are turned down, the candles are lit, the fireplace is burning in the lobby, the tables are set and sparkling and perfect; and the guests walk in and breathe "Woooooooooow" because everything comes together in that one perfect moment, and they are just overwhelmed with the beauty of it!) Honestly, those fluffy pictures outside with the greenery behind them are overrated. You can get equal or better photos with Christmas decorations and just think, the smile on your face when you think of all the money you are saving will be even bigger!!
To be truthful, I start to get a little shakey if I go a month without doing a wedding! We'll certainly book Christmas parties in December if we don't have weddings, but gosh folks, save me!
If you are at all open to the idea of a December wedding, come see us, email me, or call so that we can talk about it!
By the way, Jim and I were married on December 14th, my parents anniversary, and my brother's was December 18th, Michelle's anniversary is December 2nd--so we can all tell you firsthand about how great a December wedding is! And just think, wouldn't it be a lot more fun to go to the Caribbean or Mexico or Hawaii when it's not 85 degrees here?
Check out this site for some fabulous ideas for winter weddings! If this doesn't get you thinking that it could be fabulous, I don't know what will!


lah3525 said...

Dear Denna... Hi! This is Laura, I met you at Chris & Mark's house on Labor Day. I wish I had a wedding to plan, because if I did, I would definitely choose December after reading your blog! I will be at the luncheon tomorrow (P.E.O.) and hope to see you. Even though you're not crazy about booking holiday parties, I am in charge of such an event this December and would love to talk to you about it.

Kelli said...

Are you still considering putting the calendar on your blog with available event dates? We are considering something in late May of 2010, but aren't planning on booking until late Summer/early Fall of this year. I know you previously said 7-8 months is more than enough time, we just want to be on the safe side. (We're still in the 'saving' stages now)

PS I love this blog. It has given me really good ideas to work with. Thank you so much!!

Kelly1212 said...

I had a December 2008 wedding at Aberdeen & I am very happy how everything came out. I wanted an elegant evening wedding that felt cozy & romantic. Originally I wanted a fall wedding but as I was going through Aberdeen’s photo album I came across photos of Aberdeen’s ballroom & chapel decorated for the holidays. I was blown away – it was decorated beautifully. During December, Aberdeen is tastefully decorated for the holidays in a way that will coordinate with any bride’s color palette. I saved a ton of money on decoration cost without sacrificing the atmosphere/style I wanted for my wedding. My guests were impressed & they also enjoyed the food and drink at Aberdeen. A Fyi for future brides, Aberdeen serves the best wine.
Denna, Jim & Staff were very helpful during planning the wedding all the way through the actual wedding day. I’m a high stress person & worry about everything; planning a wedding made me pretty nutty. Denna, Jim & Staff are very passionate about Aberdeen and they do make sure that their brides’ biggest day is wonderful. I think everyone at Aberdeen is a perfectionist, which really relieved a lot of my wedding stress.
Denna, Jim & Staff honestly went beyond and out of their way to make the wedding wonderful. My new husband & I are so happy that we had our winter wedding at Aberdeen Manor. Thank you for everything Aberdeen!